Yüksel stands among the top 10 with its CDP Transparency Score

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which was founded in 2000 to enable a swift transition to a global low carbon economy and to raise awareness on this issue, has published its Year 3 Report and shared the results with the public. According to the ranking, Yüksel İnşaat placed in the top 10 among companies that publicly share their greenhouse gas emissions and climate change risk manage¬ment strategies with the greatest transparency. 

Yüksel is among the top 2,000 companies globally that respond to CDP every year and is among the 41 Turkish companies that report to CDP as of 2014. Having achieved an impressive 23.74% decrease in its carbon footprint in 2013, compared to the previous year, Yüksel increased its transparency score to 87 and took a giant step towards the top of the CDP list for 2014. Additionally, Yüksel has improved its performance grade to Category C, which was Category E previously, and aims to rank among performance leaders with its energy efficiency measures. 

According to its carbon footprint calculations for 2013, Yüksel İnşaat achieved the following note¬worthy improvements: 

• 37.18% decrease in its transportation related carbon footprint; 
• 3.76% decrease in its business travel related carbon footprint; 
• 4.09% decrease in its energy consumption re¬lated carbon footprint.


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